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Build Winning Teams, Create an Exceptional Culture

Winning Teams

Highlight individual peak performance areas

Prepare teams for upcoming challenges

Predict when which talent is needed

* Fortify is using The Teamily Model

Healthy Culture

The health check for your company culture

Monitor progress and spot culture pitfalls

Keep track on the main aspects of high performance.

How can Fortify work for me?

"We only invest in startup teams when they are extremely aware of their challenge and capabilities. Fortify helped us and our portfolio startups to discover their blind spots."

Ohad Gilad

Investor, Keadyn & Golden Gate Ventures

"We started with a product focus. To grow we had to make a switch to a more people focussed approach. The Fortify method helped us to make our choices very conscious and actionable"

Max Klijnstra

Founder, Otrium

“Working with Fortify was an amazing experience. In no time they helped us build our CrowdMobile team in Europe. They easily build trust and know what it takes to achieve goals."

Cristian Orasanu

Head of Business Development, Crowd Mobile - Berlin






Paul Musters

As a founder, I steadily learn professionally and personally from the best. This knowledge enables me to spread best practices to those I work with. I believe this makes me an exceptional team builder.

My experience as a former triathlete, working at a startup, and building a new VC concept, taught me what it takes to work in a high performance environment. The deep passion I have for understanding the psychology behind high performing individuals and teams has created a hunger in me to motivate teams to bring out the best in themselves.

80% of startups fail as a result of poor relationships in the founding team.

We Partner with Founders to build winning startup teams.

As former athletes, we naturally focus on continuous progression and connection within teams. With the Fortify Team Scan we craft a gap analysis by using Artificial Intelligence.

The Fortify Team Monitor empowers leaders and their teams to focus on the development that is needed to shape an exceptional culture.

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