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Company Culture

We help you to create the wonderful company culture that is needed to grow your business.

Team Development

We analyze your current team with our Team Scan, boost collaboration and select the right A-players to grow your company.

Customer Stories

More than 100 clients rely on Fortify to take care of their company culture

Startup – The Great Bubble Barrier

“We started our company as three friends. Thanks to Fortify, we not only got to know each other even better, we also started to combine our talents to build our company.” – Read more…

Anne Marieke Eveleens

Founder, The Great Bubble Barrier

Scaleup – Lightyear

“We use Fortify’s company culture scan because it’s tailor-made on our company’s values and designed to help grow our company.” – Read more…

Maijke Receveur

Chief Growth, Lightyear

How we clear the path for your growth

1. The state of your company culture at a glance

We visualize your team and company culture in an infographic, immediately see where improvement can happen.

  • Did you hire the right people for the upcoming challenges?
  • What keeps you from a top performance? 

2. Discover the ingredients your company needs to grow

By understanding data & people fluently, we combine those two, to fuel your decision-making on Human Capital. 

  • Make future-proof hiring decisions
  • Shape the atmosphere in the workplace 

3. Build up high performance teams

Expect personalized brainstorms, remarkable team sessions and 1-on-1 coaching. We use our knowledge, experience and creativity to inspire business breakthroughs.

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"Fortify supported us from the very beginning, before we even had a team"

– Sebastien Westerduin, Founder Woov

Scaleup – Woov

“Fortify supported me from the very beginning, before we even had a team, until now, where we are with 30 people.” – Read more…

Sebastien Westerduin

Founder, Woov

Startup accelerator – Rockstart

“Fortify’s insights are of immense value to our programs. They enabled us to understand the teams truly and to coach them incredibly effective.” – Read more…

Kim Geesink

Director, Rockstart

Why we LOVE TO work with meaningful companies

  • We believe the world needs game-changing businesses to transform the way we inhabit our planet.

  • We have experienced the strength and value of genuinely connecting people. It’s the only way to create a lasting and meaningful impact.

  • We love to fuel the entrepreneur’s dream and accelerate teams to transform their industry.

25 founders came together at Scale Up Academy, an initiative from Accenture Innovation Awards. Together with the audience, Paul Musters interviewed two special guests from extraordinary companies, in this interview: the Chief of Growth at the developer of the first production car that is powered by the sun: Lightyear’s Maijke Receveur!

By Marijke Zeevenhooven and Paul Musters (Fortify)

Paul: Chief Growth, that is one cool title, what does it mean?

We started Lightyear two years ago. We were with 7 people, and of course there were some gaps that all starting companies have. At that moment you fulfill 10 different roles if it isn’t more, and so did I. We started hiring our first employees. Quite unexpectedly, we received many responses from all over the world from people who would like to work at our company!

The positive thing at that moment was that we grew really fast, but we also found out the risks. We started to need the right resources to facilitate that growth. So forming HR, office, and production buildings, the right culture, and values that we can build on. Therefore it became a proactive role in facilitating the company to grow.

Paul: I know you had your own company. You were a well-paid strategy consultant. Why did you choose to work for Lightyear?
Because of the shining eyes, I would say. It was the energy I got from the company and the mission. That inspired me. Most of the time of my week I’m spending on work, and in the end, I want to be fully energetic about the work that I do. And I like to support this mission because we genuinely aim to mean something good for our world. That is something I hope everybody can support.

Audience: Are you planning/managing to grow internationally or nationally?
We have just one office, in the Netherlands. But we do have 12 nationalities from around the world working at our company.

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