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Create the BEST Culture to grow your company

About us

“We believe that startups are the solution
for the world’s biggest problems

Throughout the history of humanity, extraordinary entrepreneurs and incredible teams made all the difference. Our mission is to make impactful startups perform as professional sports teams.

We believe in a synthesis of data and intuition to help teams communicate effectively about their goals and needs. And by learning to use intuition more, we want to empower people to use their unique mix of talent and passion.

It is a privilege to work with the most passionate, entrepreneurial people in the world. They are building some of the fastest growing and most impactful ventures out there. 

We are here to inspire you to create the company culture you need, to grow your business, while taking care of our planet. 

our people

Who we are, and how we developed ourselves

Paul Musters

Paul made his way from being a professional athlete to a trusted advisor to top-10 fastest growing companies and leading venture capital firms.

Soon after entering high-school, Paul started as an entrepreneur, by creating websites and selling photos of sport events.

During his triathlon career, Paul learned that bringing together the best people leads to the best performance. By training hard and smart, Paul competed in triathlons all over Europe. An injury made him stop performing himself, but also starting a personal training company and  winning the fitness-app of the year award.

For the last six years, Paul worked on his company ‘Fortify’, where they build winning teams and wonderful company cultures at startups and scaleups.

Marijke Zeevenhooven

Marijke grew up at her parent’s hotel company. It’s no wonder that she was brought up with interaction and servicing clients.

After working at many different events, she discovered her biggest strength: planning and organization. No one was surprised that she started to study event management and specialized in social innovation. This gave her the possibility to develop herself as a facilitator and process designer. Empowering people and supporting them with the processes that are needed to solve meaningful issues.

Marijke is often described as an enthusiastic person with an entrepreneurial attitude. She likes to work with and for people, with a sharp eye for bringing opportunities into action.

Not to mention… the first session that Marijke facilitated for Fortify was rated 4.8 on 5!


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