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Once in a while, we like to write down our learnings and observations. We hope to inform and inspire you with our blogs on team development and company culture. Feel free to drop us a note to share your insights, start a discussion, or if you want to learn more on these topics.

Webpage: Company Culture Definitions

Company Culture – It’s invisible, yet everywhere. Company Culture. It is our mission to create the best culture to grow your company. But what is Company Culture? We love to share the meanings of the most important terms in relation to Company Culture.

Growth Story: Charlotte van Leeuwen, Founder of Bord&Stift

Company Culture – Paul Musters interviewed Charlotte van Leeuwen, founder of Bord&Stift, a company where the mission is the boss! An interesting view on leadership and Company Culture.

Growth Story: Maijke Receveur, Chief Growth at Lightyear

Company Culture – Paul Musters interviewed the Chief of Growth at the developer of the first production car that is powered by the sun: Lightyear’s Maijke Receveur!

5 ways athletes and entrepreneurs are alike

Entrepreneurship – Top athletes have certain talents and qualities that at first sight wouldn’t really seem to benefit you as an entrepreneur. But if you look closer, athletes and entrepreneurs turn out to be quite similar.

How to make investors fall in love with your team

Funding – I can hear you thinking: “I already have a good quality pitch deck, what do I need your help for?” and I understand. But did you know that your ‘Team’ slide is the second longest viewed slide in the entire deck?

Company Culture is exactly what is left once you remove the fancy office

Company culture – “Great company culture is crucial to success. Not only does this ring true for big organisations, it’s also of great importance to startups and scale-ups.”

4 things your team can learn from an assembly line

Entrepreneurship – My first job as a teenager was working an assembly line over the summer holidays. There were 3 lines where people did the exact same thing

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