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How we support impactful startups and scaleups

In recent years we have been able to work with many beautiful companies, accelerators, and investors. We are happy to give you an idea about our solutions and results. Feel free to click through our cases on Company Culture, Team Scans, Training, and Coaching. 


Company culture – How we supported Lightyear to grow from 10 to 120 people, while staying close to their values.


Team Scans – Learn more about how we helped dozens of startups to grow their teams up to 10-20 employees and further.

Customer Stories

More than 100 clients rely on Fortify to take care of their company culture

Investor – Angel Academy

“As an investor you know it is essential to work with professionals. When it is about team quality, you can’t rely on your intuition alone.

Fortify’s contribution became an essential part of our curriculum. At Fortify, they know how to combine kindness with sharp analysis. They might come across as everyone’s friend, but they carry a large reservoir of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism.

They proved their expertise to me, by scoring a year-average of 4.7/5 during our courses for investors and private bankers “

Jaap Dekter

Managing Director, Angel Academy

Scaleup – Healthy Workers

“When you are hiring people in a growing company, the cultural match is essential.

As well as selecting the right people for the stage you are in. That is why we hired Fortify: They brought in the missing link in our hiring process.

My best experience with Fortify? Deciding to not hire certain people! A hiring mistake costs tons of money, time and energy. You can not afford that as a startup. Fortify gave us the essential insights to build an A-team.”

Boy Lokhoff

Founder, Healthy Workers

Scaleup – Lightyear

“We use Fortify’s company culture scan because it’s tailor-made on our company’s values and designed to help grow our company.

Fortify proved to be very proactive and reliable. Next to that, they inspire us with tips and examples from similar companies.

The infographic for our culture clarifies what is changing in our workplace and allows us to respond instantly. Fortify showed us the numbers behind our company culture and defining the right actions at the right moment.

It makes me proud to say that our company culture became one of the main reasons for our employees to work for Lightyear.”

Maijke Receveur

Chief Growth, Lightyear

Startup accelerator – Rockstart

“Fortify’s insights are of immense value to our programs. They do not just make team scans; they are highly specialized in the startup environment.

Fortify enabled us to understand the teams truly and to coach them in a really effective way.

The groups that worked with Fortify benefited genuinely from the insights they gained and described their experiences as clarifying, professional and accurate.”

Kim Geesink

Director, Rockstart

Startup – The Great Bubble Barrier

“We started our company as three friends and knew each other quite well. Thanks to Fortify, we not only got to know each other even better, we also started to apply and combine our talents to build our company.

We knew exactly which skills we needed to build our company, but it was much harder to find the right personalities to strengthen our team. Talking about our situation got so much easier because of Fortify’s sharp visualizations. We now know exactly where to focus on, how to develop ourselves and how new hires are changing our team dynamics.”

Anne Marieke Eveleens

Founder, The Great Bubble Barrier

Scaleup – Woov

“Fortify supported me from the very beginning, before we even had a team, until now, where we are with 30 people.

The data from the culture scan enabled us to work together on developing our gaps and to use our unique strengths.

We are a product company, and our product is built by people. Fortify helped me to understand the importance of an exceptional company culture and to conquer our team challenges.”

Sebastien Westerduin

Founder, Woov

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