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Case: Lightyear

Grow a company from 10 to 120 people within 2 years,

while staying close to your values

Lightyear’s car design unveiling

  • Developer of the first production solar car
  • Founded by world champion solar car racers
  • 120 employees, including former Tesla, Ferrari and Jaguar employees

“An electric car that charges itself. This company is on a mission to transform an entire industry. Two years ago, five founders started a company that grew to 120 full-time employees, and many more people involved.

How did we help this amazing company to keep improving their company culture?

The Challenge

A diverse group of talented people of all ages needs to collaborate on a hugely complex product. Starting from the ground up, Maijke Receveur became responsible for growing the organization. Her primary challenge was building up culture and structure to facilitate a fast-growing company. With two of her main questions:

1. How to gain insights into changes in the workplace? With which – due to the rapid growth – you quickly lose the feeling.

2. How to keep company values strong, motivation high, and collaboration sharp?

Lightyear’s team in the early days

Our Solution

For almost two years, we tracked the development of Lightyear’s company culture. Every quarter we delivered an infographic and advised on the culture metrics that are important for a scaling company. You can think of company values, psychological safety, and employee empowerment.

With that knowledge we started working on two topics:
1. What aspects do we need to improve most?

2. What goes best, and can we use as a catalyst for broader improvements?



Based on Fortify’s Company Culture Scan Lightyear gradually kept improving on the critical aspects of their culture. What results were achieved?


  • Grew Employee Net Promoter Score to an extraordinary 67%
  • Gained the energy level among employees with 12%
  • While growing from 20 to 120 employees, improved the quality of ‘use of each other’s expertise’ with 15%

Lightyear x Fortify

– Our experience –

“We use Fortify’s company culture scan because it’s tailor-made on our company’s values and designed to help grow our company.

Fortify proved to be very proactive and reliable. Next to that, they inspire us with tips and examples from similar companies.

The infographic for our culture clarifies what is changing in our workplace and allows us to respond instantly. Fortify showed us the numbers behind our company culture and defining the right actions at the right moment.

It makes me proud to say that our company culture became one of the main reasons for our employees to work for Lightyear.”

Maijke Receveur

Chief Growth, Lightyear

When we started working with Lightyear, we immediately saw the potential of the team, but also the immense challenge they took on. 

It was essential to share insights about team and culture development as quickly as possible. So that all involved could make the best decisions.

While growing Lightyear kept improving productivity, employee happiness and even the – hard to develop – factor of psychological safety.

We feel privileged to take part in Lightyear’s mission by empowering Lightyear’s growth from 8 to 120 people and onwards.

Paul Musters

Founder, Fortify

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