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Co-author of

‘Try Catch Essentials’ about Professional Cultures

Co-author of ‘Try Catch Essentials’ about Professional Cultures 

By Paul Musters (Fortify)

In March 2020, I was co-author of the Try Catch Essentials about Professional Cultures. Try Catch combines human expertise and data science to deliver the best job matches. They worked for, Wetransfer and Typeform, among others.

Try Catch Essentials are:
  • For HR leaders, recruiters, founders and hiring managers
  • Handpicked essential reading on important topics in HR and Tech
  • Sent to you in 4 easily-digestible issues per month

In this blog you’ll find a link to the 4 editions of the Try Catch Essentials about Professional Cultures. Enjoy reading!

Professional Cultures 1/4 ? Culture at Work

We start with an anthropology framework and the places where you can find various cultures. Are you concentrated on the village, the kingdom, or the holy book? Furthermore, in this edition we look at different levels in a company – there’s ‘micro,’ ‘local’ and ‘macro’ height in every situation – and into some definitions of important topics. 


“Maybe one team member has a positive story, which inspires and energizes the whole team.”

Professional Cultures 2/4 ?‍? Workplace Culture

Always remember why you are working for this company. What impact do you want to make? And for who are you doing it? Hopefully, you have a strong company mission and is not everyone working for their paycheck only. A shared purpose makes it significantly easier to keep everyone motivated. And if you’re not that well aligned, maybe it is time to take a look at what your shared driver really is.


Professional Cultures 3/4 ?‍? Company Culture

Personal mission: What does everyone want to achieve in the coming period? This can be this week or the whole remote-working period. After having a purpose, mastery is the second most crucial motivation in teams. When sharing and knowing each other’s mission, it becomes much easier to understand and help each other.


Professional Cultures 4/4 ? Corporate Culture

In this last edition we share tips for maintaining your Corporate Culture – As Kerry Waananen (writer of the blog) says; “Now is the most important, the most impactful, the most difficult, and the most meaningful time to establish what the core culture of a company is.”


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