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Fortify developed several services to inspire companies to create the company culture they need, to grow their business. Of course, every process is tailor-made, based on the company’s needs. From one-to-one coaching to a frequent Company Culture scan and everything in between; as long as it contributes to the grow of your company.

Team Scan

Analyzing and visualizing your company composition, brings the foundation for:

  1. Alignment on people’s natural preferences, values and goals, to boost team performance.
  2. Further develop high-performance teams
  3. Increasing retention of your most talented people.
We experienced that team development starts with being fully conscious of the current state. Therefore, we predict the strengths and risks of reaching your business goals. This will give insights for the management team on what to expect from every team member. As well as how to coach, to hire and fire, to fill gaps and to mitigate risks.

Company Culture Scan

Our company culture scan is designed to give you actionable advice on a positive high-performance company culture.

We quarterly survey all your employees with a scientifically based questionnaire and talk with a diverse group of people. With these insights, we give management advice on how to influence and develop company culture. This will empower your company to intervene early, when trends go in the wrong direction. But above all, we fully enable the potential and uniqueness of your company.

Company Culture Coach

A strong company culture is in continuous development. So we give you ongoing insights and advice on your next steps. We developed a subscription model where you can use our tools and services for a fixed price. What is included:
  • Quarterly culture scan + 1hr. Management team culture session.
  • Monthly culture and personality match update for new hires.
  • Personality and culture match report for every new hire, to boost onboarding.
  • Continuous coaching on company culture, based on strategic needs and urgency. Focussed on Founder(‘s) and Head of People.

Rockstart x Fortify

– Our experience –

“Fortify’s insights are of immense value to our programs. They do not just make team scans; they are highly specialized in the startup environment. Fortify enabled us to understand the teams truly and to coach them in a really effective way. The groups that worked with Fortify benefited genuinely from the insights they gained and described their experiences as clarifying, professional and accurate. Fortify contributes to the goal of Rockstart; Supporting the growth of startups.”
Kim Geesink

Director Corporate Programs, Rockstart

About five years ago, Rockstart gave me the chance to start working with multiple early-stage startups.  The flaws and cracks of a founding team in this stage can have a big influence on a growing team. During my work at Rockstart, I was given the opportunity to learn about founder relations, growing pains and evolving company cultures.  It is still a fascinating adventure to work with all those impactful startups within Rockstart’s ecosystem. 
Paul Musters

Founder, Fortify

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Fortify helps you to grow your business by creating great teams and a wonderful company culture.